Thursday, December 15

leave me alone


okay peeps, today i would like to type in english *not speak 'coz you cant heard me though* so please dont be annoy if my english sounds likes shit or broken 'coz im still in learning. so back to the topic what im gonna to post. hmmm, sad feeling seems crawl inside my heart. oh boy. im tired waiting for you. i know its my mistake. but after that you are the one that get couple first than me? and i just being SINGLE all the time. for you guys information im not kinda batak to him or what. but i just cant see him after we break. thats it.! ><

so, ive make decision to stay being ALONE.. i wish that my heart will not melt to you or other boy. some people might say that im EGO la.. COCKY la.. bla bla bla.. but guys lemmi explain this. do you still will run to he/she whos even dont care and ignore about you after you guys break? i dunno whats your answer but if my opinion, girl will look pathetic if you done that. =='

therefore, boys out there im so so sorry 'coz u'll never success to stole my heart. :/ sorry for let you expect me. and now im will completely close and lock my heart from accepting anybody. if you love me, u'll wait for me. if you love yourself then just go ahead. 

tambahan ja ni pun : broken dak english aku? muehehe. im still learning. better something than nothing right?